Impulse for Falcon

Impulse is a classic breakout clone. It requires an Falcon030 Computer with at least 4 MB RAM and a RGB/TV or VGA Monitor. At this page you can download Impulse with Screen Designer.

Impulse was released as Freeware on 10.09.1996


  • highcolor graphic
  • 40 levels
  • digitised Sound effects
  • MOD Music
  • create own levels with screen designer
  • password for every fifth beaten level
  • saveable high scores

  • ImpulseX for Jaguar

    Did you know? There is also an Impulse version for the Jaguar in the works. It has an impressive list of features like 40 levels, Password for every fifth beaten level, 2 difficulty levels, level editor for another 40 new levels, highscores can be saved on the module or memory track (CD version), 8bit BJL loader for your homebrew joy, support for various input devices like Jaguar ProController, rotary controllers like VCS driving controller, modified Jagpads and last but not least it supports the mouse of the Amiga or ST computer series.

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