Alpine Games for Lynx

Alpine Games is a new game for the Lynx handheld. It is a classic sports game like the old Summer and Winter Games.
Release date: 25.01.2004


  • 512 KB (4 Mbit) module size
  • saveable highscores + code for online scores
  • 9 individual games
  • Lynx HighColor pictures
  • games use more than 16 simultaneous colors
  • digitised sound effects
  • 4 channel digitised music (MOD)
  • transparency effects
  • anti alias effects
  • 7 different characters to select
  • BLL ComLynx loader
  • compatible with Lynx I and Lynx II
  • rendered graphics
  • packed data (unpacked over 2 MB)
  • full color instruction booklet

  • Alpine Games is a winter sports game in the style of the classic computer game "winter games". It features 9 disciplines in which you can compete against 7 different other opponents. You can also practice single disciplines. The game is saving your hiscore on an eeprom. You can also compare your results against all other players worldwide with the online hiscore system.

    Games included

  • Biathlon
  • Snowboard Rush
  • Freestyle Aerials
  • Speedskating
  • Slalom
  • Bobsleigh
  • Skijump
  • Snowboard Halfpipe
  • Figure Skating

  • other Screens

  • World Records
  • Main Menu
  • Result Screen
  • Introduction Screen for every Game

  • Alpine Games Bonus Cartridge for Lynx

    This cartridge is especially for collectors, it contains only one small game and lots of demos
    Release date: 20.02.2006


  • 256 KB (2 Mbit) Module size
  • demos use more than 16 simultaneous Colors
  • 4 channel digitised music (MOD)
  • transparency effects
  • compatible with Lynx I and Lynx II
  • rendered graphics

  • Demos and games

  • MOD player demo
  • Nebulus demo
  • F1 Racing demo
  • Downhill demo
  • Karate demo
  • Intro Figures demo
  • Barrel Jumping game

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